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            Historical Architectural Conservation

            Protection and Development Planning of Traditional Villages in Hewan Village of Youshuihe Town, Youyang Tujia Miao Autonomous County, Chongqing (2014-2030)

            Date of design: 2013
            Project scale: Village range with total area about 18km2
            Project grade: Chinese traditional villages

            Hewan Village is an ancient Tujia traditional village proving national migration, with unique representative and historical cultural research, and is also birthplace of hand-waving dance. This planning is focused on strict protection of Hewan Village and Fujiabao Village. We determined the protective range and protected objects by level, and established the corresponding protective measures, and put forward the key ideology to protect and utilize integration. We will pay attention to sustainable development of the traditional villages and establish the organic contact between the protection and tourism development to support the protection with tourism development.





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