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                      Historical Architectural Conservation

                      Protection and Development Planning of Wutan Historical Cultural Famous Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing

                      Date of design: 2014
                      Project scale: Key area 4.71ha; Controlled construction area 2.79ha

                      The millennium ancient town – Wutan in Jiangjin District is Marshal Nie Rongzhen’s hometown,and is situated at the junction of Yongchuan District and Bishan County, on the bank of beautiful Meijiang River with beautiful landscape, fertile fields, outstanding people and earth, simple folk custom and rich cultural deposits. The nationwide cultural protection unit – Marshal Nie’s hometown is located at Langjia Village of the town.

                      The planning sticks to the principle of “protection and rescue first”. Through assessment and analysis of historical cultural value, social economic value and natural landscape value of Wutan Ancient Town, it shows that Wutan Ancient Town has the features of traditional citizen architectural style in the east of Sichuan, merged with deep marshal’s hometown culture, ancient town culture and farming culture, which shows mutual interaction between the long non-material culture and beautiful comfortable natural landscape, and fully shows the charm of “marshal Nie’s hometown –Wutan Ancient Town”.






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