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                • Latest status

                  RHS, Together with Experts from Britain, and Canada, Initiated Seminar in

                   On April 15th 2013, under commission of Guizhou construction bureau, RHS cooperated with senior designers from Britain and Canada to organize a series of seminar in Guizhou university focusing on eco-city planning and design.

                  Experts consists of four professors in Cardiff university, Yuli, Mr Scott and Ms Halen,  Michel, partner of Urban Strategies, and Mr Huangyang also join in this event as major lecturers.

                  As one of top 100 universities around the world, Cardiff university has a high reputation among prestigious British universities and specialized in building and urban planning sector. On the other side, urban strategies, which is RHS’s crucial partner throughout global market, rank one of most excellent design institute on urban planning and design. 

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