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                  Latest status

                  RHS Participants Took Part in Planning Seminar—Beautiful Chongqing City


                       On April 8th, 2013, planning symposium, set the theme as beautiful Chongqing, is held in Chongqing University which was organized by Association of Chongqing Urban Planning. Participants included municipal planning bureau and relevant planning design units from districts at all levels.
                       Yang Rongliang, Chairman of Association, chaired this meeting, all speakers, from private, public and educational sectors, address speech for this activity.
                       Wangping, RHS Master Landscaper, make a speech, push forward the urbanization of new towns and cities, construct beautiful Nanchuan—Conceptual planning of new urbanization, Nanchuan District. Based on case-----Beautiful Nanchuan, he clarified some our research fruits and creative ideas on building the beautiful mountainous Chongqing which gained consensus of all leaders and experts on site. 
                        Eventually, Wang Yue, deputy director of Chongqing urban Planning Bureau, explained the metaphor of Beautiful mountainous Chongqing that arouse from the 18th assembly of party committee’s  demands on establishing “beautiful china” and local authority’s  concept towards the planning of “beautiful mountainous Chongqing City.”  As the key future work point concerned to Chongqing City, he was willing to work together with planning experts come from both public and private sectors for finally successfully deliver this significant systematic project.
                       According to this symposium, our internal staff has better understanding on planning guideline of “beautiful mountainous Chongqing” at multidimensional level and provide meaning fruits for our future planning.

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