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          Latest status
        • First NGO on Chongqing Civil Creative Sector—Dade Architectural Practice Awarded as Chaired Unit of Creative Industry Association in Sha Pingba District2013-04-25 14:37:52
        • RHS Dedicated to Development of Guian New Area with Overseas Designers2013-04-17 17:15:04
        • RHS, Together with Experts from Britain, and Canada, Initiated Seminar in2013-04-17 17:07:49
        • RHS Reps Attended Urban Strategy Seminar2013-04-14 17:03:25
        • RHS Participants Took Part in Planning Seminar—Beautiful Chongqing City2013-04-10 17:09:54
        • RHS architects, Delegation of Dade Architecture Practice, join in international conference—The 9th International Green Building Conference and Expo.2013-04-06 17:27:54
        • Successfully win the bid—Conceptual Planning Design of Rongshi Tea Village in Shuangjian County, Lincang City.2013-04-06 17:17:16
        • UPLA Reps Attended Worldwide Exhibition—Building Energy-Efficiency﹠Environmental Preservation2013-04-05 17:23:57
        • Dade Delegation Join in “International Forum—Practical Path of Green Buildings”2013-04-04 17:19:10
        • Shape Industrial Chain and Design Trademark-----RHS Transition2013-03-29 17:07:53
        • Dade Architectural Practice, Participate in “Non-Negative Pressure Device” Exchange Conference.2013-03-27 16:57:23
        • Sino-US Green and Energy Efficiency Data Center Exchange Conference2013-03-25 16:59:05
        • “Discussion About Fundamental Standard” Dade Architectural Practice2013-03-21 17:10:18
        • Dade Architects Attend Chongqing Technical Exchange Seminar on electrical sector, 20132013-03-20 17:04:25
        • Good News: Chongqing Renhao Urban Planning Design Co., Ltd, successfully win third award, 2011 nationwide excellent planning design on urban and rural areas( Town Planning Sector)2013-03-20 17:01:54
        • Training Session, PKPM (software about building energy efficiency), Conducted within Dade Architectural Practice2013-03-20 15:12:36
        • Participants Dade Architects Took Part In Cooperative Forum and Seminar for Chinese Sustainable Urban Development.2013-03-19 15:03:56
        • RHS Delegation, Joined in SINO-UK Sustainable Cooperative Forum on Urban Development2013-03-19 15:01:35
        • Study and Analysis in University Mega Center2013-03-06 15:06:48
        • Participation of RHS Delegation in Exhibition Opening Ceremony and Reception Activity for Seventh Wales Week2013-03-05 15:13:48
        • Professional Training—Technical Standard of Building Smoke Control System2013-03-01 14:48:58
        • Dade Architects Pay a Visit in Shuijiang Construction Site2013-03-01 14:47:26
        • Development and Progress, Objectives at Different Stages, Entrepreneurial Value—Comments of RHS Annual Meeting2013-02-22 14:43:48
        • Popularizing Conference for Implementation, External Thermal System—Thick Plastering External Wall of Composite Phenolic Foam Board2013-01-30 16:05:06
        • Work Summary and Annual Ceremony, 2012, Comprehensive Design Division 22013-01-23 16:03:14
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